Liv Davick, Publicity Production Boutique, Inc

Liv Davick, a Publicity and Production Boutique, Inc. specializes in broadcast public relations and social media.
Our expertise includes satellite media tours, radio media tours, audio news releases, public service announcements
(PSAs), Internet media tours (IMTs), Spanish smts/rmts/anrs, integrated marketing, ground tours, aircheck and
airings’ monitoring services, and video production and distribution.

All pitching, booking, and follow-up is done in-house, and we handle all of our clients' production needs for their satellite and radio media tours. We offer the highest-quality, most personalized servicing with unparalleled organization and a strict attention to every detail. We provide superior results in everything we do, are available to our clients at all times, and work within every budget.

Built on a solid foundation of strong, trusting relationships with the broadcast news media and social media and an
in-depth understanding of television and radio broadcasting, the constantly changing and growing social media
landscape, and the art of public relations, Liv Davick, a Publicity and Production Boutique, Inc. is able to tailor each
client's needs to the targeted demographic(s) and maximize the value for that client's investment. 

We can customize any of our services to meet the specific need(s) of each client and campaign and can work within
any budget. We value honesty, integrity, accuracy, thoroughness, and accountability and pride ourselves on our
company work ethic. We provide highly personalized servicing with the belief that the client always comes first.

We specialize in the promotion and marketing of fashion, beauty, trends, pop culture, and entertainment and celebrity; food, beverages, spirits, restaurants, lifestyle, travel, fitness, and sports; and health, wellness, nutrition, and medical.


Liv Davick
telephone#: (310) 721-9646
cell#: (661) 600-2254

27125 Cedar Ridge Place
Valencia, CA 91381


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